‘Australia’ Trailer Not Totally Helping Hugh Jackman’s Case


Earlier this month, the Times revealed some of 20th Century Fox's anxieties about Hugh Jackman, the star of their big-budget epic love story Australia — namely, the fact that people sort of think he's gay. So how's the movie's new trailer do in beefing up Jackman's manly pedigree? It starts off well enough, with Hugh throwing down in a big dusty brawl. But when his love interest, Nicole Kidman, shows up, he's more thrown off by having a guest around than he is having a hot woman in his presence. We do get some boilerplate gruff stuff, mostly Jackman scoffing at how persnickety the Kidman character is. But then he smilingly goes to see her horse-jumping show? And has a drinking contest with her? Sure, there's some kissing, but it seems relatively uninspired — a heteronormative FAIL. Click to watch.

[Hollywood Newsroom]