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imminent disasters

Beyoncé’s Split Personalities to Release Double Album, Possibly Derail Career

Amid shocking charges that Beyoncé pilfered dance moves in her new video comes more bad news today: She's releasing an album by her alter ego! Her upcoming I Am will be a two-disc set, with one CD, I Am Beyoncé, featuring ballads and the other, I Am Sasha, containing upbeat tracks. Sasha is apparently short for Sasha Fierce, a persona Mrs. Jay-Z's been working on for at least the past three years (in a 2005 Vanity Fair interview, she blamed Fierce for her performance at the Grammys that year). To promote the album, she's launched a Website asking the question "Who Is Sasha Fierce?" Our guess? Someone who's never heard of T.I.P. or Chris Gaines.

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