Brian Grazer Pretty Sure You’ll Be Impressed With Sight of Tom Hanks in a Speedo


"I'm telling you, he's got a scene where he's swimming in Speedos, and he looks fantastic. He's going to add 10 years to his career with that scene alone, just watch." Brian Grazer on Tom Hanks in Angels & Demons [USAT]

"He was a filmmaker and an artist and we thought of him as such. Even though we weren't allowed to see his movies, we knew he was a moviemaker, and we were proud of that." Gerard Damiano Jr. on his father, who directed Deep Throat and passed away on Saturday [AP via MSNBC]

"There's such a sweetness and purity about it. Maybe it's not as funny, or as noisy and loud as people expect from us." Hans Zimmer on your preconceived notions about his collaboration with Will.I.Am [Pop & Hiss/LAT]

"I think we're a great example to people, but it's not interesting. There's no scandal involved. I'm not trying to have Jake Gyllenhaal's baby. I'm not a major fashionista. I'm not going through a lesbian phase. I'm just normal. I'm just really freakin' normal." Elizabeth Banks on being with the same guy for sixteen years [USAT]

"[It began] growing up, starting with Watergate really, because the Watergate hearings really impinged on my ability to watch Sesame Street because they were on every day." —Portastatic's Mac McCaughan on his love of history [Pitchfork]