CW Banking on Boy Wonder


According to Variety, the CW is presently developing a new show about the life of Robin before he became Batman's sidekick. The show — tentatively titled The Graysons — would likely serve as a replacement for Smallville, which has a similar premise and may end its eight-season run next year. Aside from letting slip the fact that the lead character will be referred to as DJ Grayson as opposed to Dick Grayson, it is unclear how much the series would adhere to the character's canon. For example, in most variations on the Dick Grayson story, the character was part of a family circus act called the Flying Grayons before being orphaned and teaming up with the Batman. The title of the series certainly implies that the character's parents will be crucial to the concept, but it remains to be seen whether the CW, whose current bread-and-butter are glitzy shows like Gossip Girl and 90210, would want to go ahead with a drama about a teen acrobat in the circus.

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