Don Draper Conquers ‘SNL’


We'll have our recap of the Mad Men finale soon, but first things first: Don Draper (né Jon Hamm) hosted Saturday Night Live! And he was awesome! If you somehow missed it — in which case you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself — a few of the highlights have found their way to Hulu. Hamm seemed thrilled to be there, especially since, as he conceded in his monologue, very few people have ever actually seen his television show (a reality that NBC acknowledged by allowing musical guests Coldplay to perform eleven times). So, basically, this meant he was up for anything, including the fake bathroom-meat commercial for Jon Hamm's John Ham (sadly, this hasn't yet been posted online), one of the stupid-funniest things we've seen them make a host do recently. Click to watch "Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Women" and "A-Holes: Pitch Meeting" — co-starring the actual Peggy and Roger!