Fanboys, Federal Judge Adore Early ‘Watchmen’ Footage


Yesterday, Warner Bros. screened nearly a half-hour of footage from Zac Snyder's highly anticipated film adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's classic graphic novel Watchmen, and thus far, the response from critics in attendance has ranged from positive to pants-wetting excitement. This is excellent news for fans of the comic book, most of whom had long considered the narratively complex tale about has-been superheroes in an alternate version of the United States still run by Richard Nixon to be entirely unfilmable. The even better news for fanboys is that Gary A. Fees, the federal judge presiding over the lawsuit from 20th Century Fox that threatens to delay the film's planned theatrical release, caught the screening and loved it, which bodes well for his ruling in the case.

‘Watchmen’ Shows Messy Side of Super Life [NYT]