Happy Halloween! Read an Excerpt From This Year’s Scariest Graphic Novel, 'Strange Embrace'

In 1993, unknown comics artist David Hine published a creepy black-and-white story that combined Cronenberg-esque body horror with the spooky novels of the nineteenth century. Strange Embrace, the tale of a man obsessed with self-mutilation and the evil psychic who digs into his mind, slowly accumulated fans — among them comics luminaries like Joe Quesada and Todd McFarlane, leading to Hine's jobs on Spawn, Daredevil, and more mainstream titles. But this fall Image Comics is rereleasing the complete Strange Embrace, now in color, so that a new audience can read one of the scariest horror comics ever to come down the pike. Beware: When you read the entire graphic novel, don't be surprised if Hine's disturbing images invade your dreams for weeks to come.