‘The Reader’ Will Be Out in December, Even If It’s Not Done


The entertaining brouhaha over The Reader isn't over yet! Last week, when Scott Rudin pulled his name from the film, presumably because he was angry over Harvey Weinstein's release-date push-up, it looked like the ploy might've given Harvey pause when Reader was taken off the 2008 schedule on the Weinstein Company's Website. Turns not, not so much: The removal was a mistake, says a publicist, and the movie will most definitely come out December 10, just like Harvey wanted, in time for Oscar season. In retrospect, it seems silly for us to have thought Weinstein would hold the movie over a small thing like Rudin's departure — after all, the score isn't done and "editing is not even half-finished," and that doesn't seem to bother him too much!

'The Reader' is back up on the Weinstein Co. website and Kate Winslet is (tentatively) back in supporting [Gold Derby/LAT]