‘The Incredible Hulk’ Triumphs Over Comically Low Expectations, Will Get a Sequel


First Knight Rider's hilarious ratings were enough to warrant a full-season order — and now this summer's Edward Norton–starring Incredible Hulk will get a sequel after grossing only $2 million more than its Ang Lee–helmed 2003 predecessor, which is widely remembered as a big failure! (Lee's made $132 million domestically; the new Hulk earned $134, though it did do better worldwide by about $16 million.) "When we set out to [reboot Hulk]," says Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, "we really had two goals in mind: one was to make even a dollar more than the first one did, so we could justify that we had done it from a financial aspect, and the other one was to bring a Hulk to the screen that a broader fanbase could enjoy. The good news is, we accomplished both." Given all reported acrimony between Norton and Marvel over the movie's editing, it's probably unlikely he'd come back for Hulk 2, so we anxiously await the interview in which a Marvel executive attempts to spin the inevitable recasting of Eric Bana as a positive.

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