Jeff Probst Counters Negative Press for ‘Survivor’ by Announcing Most Awful-Sounding Reality Show Ever


Did you happen to catch that story on the front page of yesterday's "Sunday Business" about how CBS's Survivor — the show responsible for sixteen boring seasons, Jeff Probst's inexplicable Emmy, and the death of scripted television — has shed 50 percent of its viewership in the past eight years, which could spell the beginning of the end for reality-competition shows? Jeff Probst sure did! Which, we suspect, is why this morning he's made the attention-diverting move of announcing Live Like You're Dying, a new show he's developing for CBS, which each week will feature a person dying from a terminal disease being taken on "the last adventure of their life." LLYD will reunite its contestants with lost friends and relatives and give them a chance "to live out a personal dream," as long as it's skydiving or something, presumably, and not appearing on an upcoming season of Survivor.

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