Johnny Depp Cashes Out While Money Is Still Worth Something


According to London's unfailingly reliable Daily Mail, Disney is paying Johnny Depp the totally reasonable sum of $56 million for Pirates of the Caribbean 4, the biggest up-front payment to any actor in movie history (Tom Hanks was recently paid a measly $50 million for his forthcoming Angels & Demons, which is now completely embarrassing). "It's a lot of swag but there's only one Johnny Depp," says the Mail's source. "They simply cannot make another Pirates movie without Jack Sparrow."

They can, however, make another Pirates movie without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, who aren't expected sign on, presumably because the whole of the film's budget has already been deposited into Depp's bank account. Pirates 4 will allegedly follow Captain Jack Sparrow's quest for the fountain of youth, which is actually located in Depp's real-life backyard because he bought it last week.

A swashbuckling good deal! Johnny Depp to be paid £32m to star in fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean film [Daily Mail via Defamer]