Kanye Listening Party: Auto-Tune, Mos Def, and 40 Naked Ladies


Like all reasonable people, we're totally excited about the upcoming Kanye album (also, we just found out about his Twitter feed). But after reading Fader's account of 808s & Heartbreak's apparently bonkers listening party, well… we're not exactly sure what to think. Held in an L.A. art gallery last night, it featured flashing lights, Mos Def, and "approximately forty nude women … wearing face-obscuring masks seemingly made of faux lamb's wool." Of course. What about the music? Apparently, "Love Lockdown" was no one-off experiment — Kanye barely raps, opting instead to sing through the Auto-Tune for nearly the entire album. And if 808s is a disaster, don't worry too much — he's promised another new album in June!

Vanessa Beecroft & Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak Listening Event [Fader via Prefix]