Lil Wayne Speculates on Brett Favre’s Age

Photo: Getty Images

"He must know God's phone number, 'cause he is superhuman. Like, Brett Farve? Come on. He's like 3900 years old and he threw for six touchdowns?" Lil' Wayne [ESPN]

"CBS' decision to hide behind excuses that the incident was 'fleeting' and didn't generate an immediate flood of complaints is the epitome of irresponsibly [sic]. The number of 'fleeting' penises we expect to see on broadcast television is zero." —a statement from The Parents Television Council on the Survivor penis flap [Broadcasting & Cable]

"In the original, the kids actually recruited their mom to front the band, which I can't see happening in any family on this planet. The new version will reflect what seems to me to be the more realistic family band scenario these days: a struggling, sort of well-meaning mom pimping her kids in order to create a wholesome-slash-sexy cash cow." Jeff Rake on his updated Partridge Family [HR]

"He's one of the fat people in LA, yes." Simon Pegg on Ricky Gervais [Telegraph]

"I just wish that the people who think like us would stop ceding the moral high ground to the people who drink the space god's blood on Sunday!" Bill Maher [A.V. Club]

"My standard answer, when people ask me, 'How are you, Pete?' I say, 'If I could remember, I'd tell you.'" Pete Seeger [NYP]