‘Lost’ Season-Five Trailer: Gunplay! Hatches! Nosebleeds!


Tagline: "In 2009, the Oceanic 6 will risk everything."

Translation: Especially the goodwill they've earned with viewers for Lost's awesome fourth season.

The Verdict: To the naked, untrained eye, very little seems to be revealed in this new official teaser for Lost's upcoming fifth season, allegedly still due to begin in late January or early February — Jin's death from boat explosion is apparently confirmed via onscreen text and the Oceanic 6 are confirmed to be headed back to the island, which we already knew — but we're reasonably certain the brilliant nerds on the Lost message boards will be able to piece something together out of this fast-edited footage: Juliet finds a hatch! The heroin plane falls off a cliff — again! Kate packs a pistol into what appears to be her carry-on luggage! Charlotte gets a nosebleed! Also, baby Aaron is now old enough to be as totally confused by his circumstances as we've all been for these past four seasons. In any case, it's probably time to start getting excited again.