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M. Night Shyamalan’s Crazy Fan Base Is Always Prepared

"Over the years, as it just grew and grew and grew, and people were like, 'You know, I really like that. That's actually my favorite movie, and I watch that all the time,' and on and on. I'll be on the street, and some kid will run across traffic with it in his backpack — he just is carrying it in his backpack — and he'll be running [saying], 'I can't believe it's you!' Will you sign my Unbreakable DVD?'" M. Night Shyamalan [SciFiWire]

"That's how great movies were in the '70s: Walter Matthau was your badass action hero. Who's gonna save the world? Oh, Matthau. The guy who's hungover and kind of slouching in a really cheap suit and eating a hot dog. That guy." Patton Oswalt [A.V. Club]

"On this album, I kind of embody Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. You know at the end of the movie [that] he didn't really kill anyone. [I just liked] the clean aesthetic and the way he was all about labels. I wanted to express all of that in the video." Kanye West explains the inspiration for his "Love Lockdown" video on Ellen [MTV]

"I heard that it's the story of just Chun-Li. That has to make for a better picture." —director Steven E. de Souza on why the upcoming remake of Street Fighter is going to be better than his 1994 original [Movies Blog/MTV]

"It's a lot harder to fight in a leather jock strap." Gerard Butler on the difference between filming fight scenes for RocknRolla and 300 [Parade]

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