Uh-oh: ‘Once’ Coming to Broadway?


Remember at the Oscars when the band cut off Once's Marketa Irglova during her acceptance speech for Best Original Song and Jon Stewart adorably brought her back out to finish? That was awesome. Not awesome: The L.A Times reports that a stage adaptation of Once is in the works, with hopes of a Broadway debut during the 2010–2011 season. Like all reasonable people should be, we're worried.

What made the movie so endearing was its triumph over a $160,000 budget and the intimacy between its stars, a real-life couple. But put this thing in a big Broadway theater, and smother it in production values, and we're not sure the folks in the cheap seats will get the full effect (producers claim it'll be a staging on par with Spring Awakening, and likely play in a 1,000-seat house — but Spring Awakening was a loud rock musical and Once is mostly soft, romantic duets!). Plus, who could possibly fill the roles of the nameless Guy and Girl played so memorably by Irglova and Glen Hansard? Megacelebrities would take away from the quiet appeal, and while there are obviously many talented Irish actors, we'll inevitably compare them to the ones who originated the parts. Because if "Falling Slowly" isn't sung exactly the way we remember it, we're walking out.

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