‘Quantum of Solace’ to Possibly Feature Nakedest Bond Title Sequence Ever


Okay, now we're getting excited about the Quantum of Whatever — or at least the upcoming Bond movie's first few minutes. We just found out that the coveted Bond title sequence will be filmed by Ben Randantz and Tim Fisher, the outrageously stylish guys behind the firm MK12 (click here for great clips). They did those beautiful floating annotations for Stranger Than Fiction, some achingly pretty music videos, and, of course, the gorgeous animated cowboy-alien space opera "The History of America" (recently featured in New York's package of the best video on the Web). If this behind-the-scenes teaser is anything to go by, their Bond titles could be 007's nakedest opening sequence yet. "Naked women and lasers," says Fisher, "that's how we pitch every title design."

Ben Randatz and Tim Fisher, Title Shoot Directors [007 via Movie City News]

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