Ricky Gervais Wimps Out, Will Not Host Oscars


Remember last month when Ricky Gervais heroically saved the Emmys from the snatches of total awfulness? And we begged the Academy to let him host next year's Oscars? And then, for a brief shining moment, it seemed like it might actually happen? Turns out it won't! Producers apparently did reach out to Gervais to inquire about the possibility of his emceeing, and he turned them down. Promoting Ghost Town's U.K. release, he told the BBC he'd be "scared" to do it because "I don't think I'd get the freedom I needed." Also, "no-one's there to hear jokes, they're there to see if they've won an Oscar." We want to hear jokes! Also, what kind of freedom does he really need? He's funny doing practically anything! Now we know whom to blame when Justin Timberlake's opening monologue totally bombs.

Gervais wary of presenting Oscars [BBC via TV Squad]

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