‘SNL’ Beats Us to the Punch on the Barack Show


New York readers who caught Saturday Night Live over the weekend may already have noticed that the show featured a sketch bearing an uncanny similarity to a feature in our magazine this week. Like our "The Barack Obama Show" — for which we asked celebrities like Bill Maher, Chuck Klosterman, Kevin Smith, and David Blaine what Obama, now with a commanding lead in the polls, might do with that half-hour block of major-network airtime he's bought for Wednesday night — the show's "Barack Obama Variety Half Hour" speculated that he might skip the politics in favor of actually entertaining us. We're certainly not accusing anyone of theft here, and we totally thought their skit was very funny. We would, however, like to have a word with whichever SNL writer stole our idea for Jon Hamm's John Ham — that was going to be next week's cover story!

‘The Barack Obama Show’ [NYM]