‘SNL’ Embroiled in Minor Censorship Controversy!


First, Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression helped the show score respectable ratings again, and now Saturday Night Live is the subject of an actual, real-life controversy! When the heck was the last time that happened? A passably funny, Nancy Pelosi–skewering sketch on the bailout bill from Saturday's episode was posted on NBC.com and Hulu following its original airing, but it's since been taken down (see it here for now). Why? No one knows! Of course conservative-blogosphere speculation is that NBC caved to left-wing political pressure, though what's more likely is that billionaires Herbert and Marion Sandler, who were played in the skit by Darrell Hammond and Casey Wilson, complained about the possibly actionable caption that ran under their names: "People who should be shot." Either way, congratulations, Saturday Night Live, on your best week since "Dick in a Box."

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