Ted Nugent Explains His Personal Philosophy, Drives Down Property Values Near His House


"Let's say I just love to shit in the river. That's my pursuit of happiness. I've got a less than desirable pursuit of happiness. I would make sure that I didn't shit upstream of you. You know what I mean. I can't pursue that pursuit of happiness because it would fuck up yours if you're downstream. It's about cause and effect. It's about being cognizant of your cause and effect and altering it so that, not only don't we want anyone to tread on us, we review our treading to make sure we're not treading on anyone else. So, yeah, libertarian, but with a sense of consciousness." Ted Nugent [Runnin' Scared/Village Voice]

"If you think an appearance on Saturday Night Live would sway voters and actually affect the outcome of the election, you may have more contempt for the electorate of this country than the Republican National Committee does. And that's a lot of contempt." Alec Baldwin on Sarah Palin's SNL appearance [HuffPo]

"I'm sure she's very bright. But so is the Butterworth woman." Chevy Chase on Sarah Palin [Access Hollywood]

"When I think of this Georgie Fruit character, I try to think of him as a middle-aged black man, probably in his fifties. And somehow — even though it sounds totally absurd and ridiculous — there is a middle-aged black man inside of me. But there's also an adolescent Chinese girl inside of me, or whatever." —Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes [Pitchfork]

"I gained almost 15 pounds to play the role. It was way easier — and tastier — than having to lose so much weight for Dreamgirls." Beyoncé on gaining weight to play Etta James in Cadillac Records [In Style via People]