‘Twilight’ Trailer: OME!


Tagline: "What if I'm not the hero? What if I'm … the bad guy?"

Translation: The sexy, sexy bad guy.

The Verdict: Looks like Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke will be able to leave the house without getting clobbered by Stephenie Meyer fans — the movie's final trailer has leaked, and the message-board community is expressing cautious optimism: "OMGGGGGGGG!! I can't believe how frickin brilliant and awesome that was!!!!!" says one. "OME [for Oh My Edward, the lead vampire] OME OME OME OME OME!!! That kiss is taking home a Moon Man FOR SURE!!!! I can hardly breathe. WHOA!" says another. No asthma attacks have been reported so far at Vulture HQ — we think the trailer looks a little cheesy. But we can still see how the make-out scene, along with all the gloomy romance stuff, might make literate 13-year-old girls salivate. Actually, the vampire fight scenes toward the end aren't half bad either. So, uh, yeah, sure — OME!