Week in Review: Other Things Kanye Should Borrow From Our Website


Yesterday, much to our horror, we discovered that popular blogger-musician Kanye West cut a few corners recently by lifting an entire timeline from nymag.com to run on his site. But we're over it! In fact, if he's ever running low on material again, we hope he'll feel free to take anything he wants from us. Below are a few things we think would make excellent posts on kanyeuniversecity.com!

This post about Mark Wahlberg (Andy Samberg was right!).

• Vulture's Oscar predictions. Who doesn't like Oscar predictions?

• An exclusive excerpt from Brian Azzarello's upcoming Joker.

• Perhaps our laudatory post on your interesting-sounding album listening party (which we were not invited to).

• Our first look at The Road.

• This list of the Six Great Underdog Movies John McCain Should Probably Watch — slideshows are great for traffic!

• Speaking of which, how about our photos from this week's twelve-hour Fucked Up show?

• Our Q&A with Clark Duke — he's funny!