‘Wendy and Lucy’ Trailer: Michelle Williams Wants to Make You Cry


Tagline: "You can't get an address without an address, you can't get a job without a job."

Translation: This trailer just made us too sad to make a joke here.

The Verdict: To follow up 2006's no-budget Will Oldham camping-trip drama Old Joy, director Kelly Reichhardt is back with another slow-paced, depressing-looking indie flick set in Oregon, but this one should get more attention — it has a movie star! Michelle Williams, as far from Hollywood as she can be without abandoning moviemaking altogether, stars as the cash-strapped, downtrodden Wendy (Lucy's her dog), whose already crappy-seeming life gets worse when her car breaks down on the way to Alaska. There's awards buzz around Williams's performance, and we can totally of see why: The trailer is just a bunch of sad, heart-crushing little moments, and yet we still want to see this thing.