What Will Amy Poehler’s Departure From ‘SNL’ Mean For Kristen Wiig’s Workload?


If you caught the most recent episode of SNL, you'll know that Amy Poehler popped one out on Saturday and will selfishly leave the show to care for her newborn child (and eventually star in some Office non-spinoff). Does this mean the show will be a million times less funny? Yes, and we've accepted that. And today we learn that Lorne Michaels has wisely decided not to rush to replace Poehler on "Weekend Update" — he tells the Post that Seth Meyers will anchor alone for the "foreseeable future." Well played, Lorne. But now we're slightly concerned about another aspect of the show, namely Kristen Wiig's workload.

According to Michaels, "one or two" new female cast members will eventually be hired, but right now Wiig and barely used newcomer Casey Wilson are the only ones. We already know Lorne's not shy about asking Wiig to carry a sketch or ten, but, with Poehler gone, will she be forced to do more? Is that even possible? She'll die from exhaustion! Will she play all the parts on this weekend's Ben Affleck–hosted episode? It's either that or a whole lot of Andy Samberg in drag.