‘While She Was Out’ Trailer: Kim Basinger Stars in the Year’s Most Intense Thriller About Double-Parking


Tagline: "This Christmas, Kim Basinger is fighting for her life."

Translation: …and a decent parking spot!

The Verdict: In While She Was Out, Kim Basinger stars in the tailor-made role of Della, a loving mother trapped in an abusive marriage who finds herself embroiled in a dispute over a parking space on Christmas Eve. Inexplicably, Della ends up in the woods, fending off Lukas Haas and his barely credible gang of thugs, armed with only a toolbox and her will to survive (and also swear words — this red-band trailer is NSFW). Smart money's on Basinger — and maybe on the film, too. The Anchor Bay thriller would have undoubtedly been headed directly to DVD were it not for the industry mojo of executive producer Guillermo del Toro, but we think it might actually be the stupid-awesome hit of the season. After all, hasn't the stress of holiday shopping ever made you want to bury a wrench in someone's face? Of course it has!