So Why Isn’t ‘30 Rock’ Back Yet?


Now that Tina Fey's hilarious Sarah Palin impression has unquestionably made her the world's most famous person, some are asking why her show, 30 Rock, won't be back until October 30. "If we knew then what we know today about how hot Tina was going to be, would we do it differently? Maybe," says NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman. Even though the network has several episodes of Rock already completed and could easily have run one last Thursday instead of the series premiere of Kath & Kim, Silverman says that would've undone NBC's original strategy, which was apparently to wait until the impending Fey backlash reduces her profile to pre-Palin levels and America forgets all about the Emmys 30 Rock won last month. Also, this could be an ass-saving maneuver, since if Kath & Kim isn't a hit, Ben Silverman will probably get fired.

It’s Easy to Find Tina Fey on TV, but Not Her Show [NYT]