The Best Fan Vids of 2008


Last year, we raved about underground fan vidder Luminosity's brilliant video riffs on 300 and Supernatural. So this year, we asked her to pick the best fan vids of the year. "Vidders are becoming more comfortable with their tech, which allows some daring creativity, and it really shows," says Luminosity, who doesn't use her real name owing to copyright issues. "This year, I saw vidders apply the 'mash-up' concept to the video as well as the audio, and it made for some stunning work." Click for a video slideshow of her favorites, including a vid by another determined fan who can't let go of Firefly, a video that appropriately mashes up Patti Smith and Terminator's Sarah Connor, and a creepy riff on Battlestar Galactica's chief creep Gaius Baltar. Plus, a bonus video from Luminosity, the latest installment in her ongoing obsession with Supernatural.