Billy Corgan: Eddie Vedder Exclusively to Blame for Cubs’ Crappy Season

The first alien to emerge from the ship wore a very unfashionable hat. Photo: Getty Images

Onstage in Chicago this week, Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan called out Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder for, of all things, the Cubs' disappointing season. See, a few months ago Vedder wrote a song about the Cubs called "All the Way," and Corgan, a die-hard fan, thinks he jinxed them. "If the Cubs did have a chance this last year that just passed, fuckin’ Eddie Vedder killed that shit dead. Last I checked Eddie ain’t living here, okay? Eddie ain’t living here to write a song about my fuckin’ team." We guess this is what alt-rock feuds look like when everyone's in their forties. [Home Run Derby]