Brandon Walsh Has a Surprisingly Cavalier About Brenda’s Imminent Death


"This is all news to me but this is fantastic. That is going to be awesome." Jason Priestley on the rumors that Brenda Walsh will develop a terminal illness on 90210 [Access Hollywood]

"Oh … You know, whenever I hear that, I take it as such a compliment. The bottom line is, everyone's a loser in their own right." Kristen Bell on "cornering the market on losers" [A.V. Club]

"We chose one [plotline] to service in the best way possible, and Aaron [Harberts] and Gretchen [Berg] wrote the shit out of a script." Bryan Fuller on the Pushing Daisies finale [TV Week]

"It is a reverse Punk'd. Instead of the worst day of your life and then a joke at the end, this is the reverse. This is the best day of your life, and then we arrest you." —Fox President of Alternative Entertainment Mike Darnell on Smile, You're Under Arrest [Broadcasting Cable]

"Oh, oh, that, sure, we would never change that. We're not allowed to. I mean, Universal bought us – we're only allowed to do crazy. So if you call us with a warm uplifting story, we're required to send you to another show." Jerry Springer on changing the focus of The Jerry Springer Show while retaining all the infidelity and lesbian fist fights [Chicagoist]

"Noises? Not out of the top part." Will Arnett on his 2-week-old child, Archie [People]