If Matthew Weiner Doesn’t Come Back, Bryan Batt Will Sing ‘Les Miz’


How are negotiations between Lionsgate and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner going? According to Sterling Cooper's dashing art director, Salvatore Romano (né Bryan Batt), they're still ongoing, "but I think there will be a revolution if he doesn't sign on," he told us at last week's Broadway premiere of Billy Elliot. "The fans of the show and the cast won't stand for it. He deserves every cent he’s asking for." And if the worst should happen? "I don't know. I think we'd be bonded together with one big Mad Men flag behind us, doing lots of songs from Les Miz. I'd just rewrite the lyrics." But as for right now, before they commence shooting season three in March, the cast of Vulture's favorite show is just enjoying the time off: "I just saw John Slattery at the Hugo Boss party," says Batt. "We're easy for an open bar. I personally would go to the opening of a can of tuna if I'm invited."