Can Wal-Mart Finally Kill the Music Business?


Complete and utter obsolescence has certainly come at a high price for the music business this past decade, with sales down a hilarious 36 percent from eight years ago. And now, Wal-Mart, America's retailer, is "rapidly downsizing" the amount of floor space it allocates for CDs, a move that definitely won't mean good things for an industry whose revenues are largely dependent on confused consumers who frequently wander into stores and purchase things by mistake. Adding insult to injury is Wal-Mart's wacky decision to replace its vanishing music sections with shelves of Blu-Ray DVDs, a high-def movie format currently preferred by practically no one. This also comes a day after Circuit City announced plans to shutter 155 stores nationwide, which means you might be buying this year's fourth-quarter releases on iTunes or not at all.

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