‘Dollhouse’ Trailer: Is Joss Whedon Winning?


Tagline: "You can wipe away a memory. But can you wipe away a soul?"

Translation: Or Joss Whedon's original vision?

The Verdict: After a production shutdown, a scrapped pilot, and one panicked blog post by the show's creator (not to mention what happened with Firefly), Whedon fans are probably rightly worried about how much Fox's meddling might affect his upcoming (?) Dollhouse. So, how much does this new trailer differ from the original one we saw in May, back before the network demanded changes? Well, it's about 90 seconds shorter, includes a few more guns, and now features an extended close-up of Eliza Dushku getting a CAT scan while wearing a bikini. Otherwise, though, it looks like pretty much the same show that Whedon originally promised us — which means its chances of an early cancellation might've just gone way up.