Even to Brooke Shields, ‘Lipstick Jungle’ Feels Like It’s Gone On Forever


"If we were meant to be off the air, we wouldn't have made it as far as we have." Brooke Shields on Lipstick Jungle, which has aired a total of fifteen episodes [Daily Beast]

"I haven't seen Benjamin Button yet, but Brad looks good ageing backwards. And no, I've not been on the set of Inglourious Basterds. This is a Tarantino film, so we're thinking, 'What's a good day to bring children on set?'" —Angelina Jolie [Telegraph via Jezebel]

"She is perfect for this new show, which — just to remind everyone — is not a spinoff of The Office. It is a spinoff of MASH called Seinfeld II." Mike Schur on the confusion over casting Office alum Rashida Jones in the show formerly known as the spinoff to The Office [Variety]

"Richard needs to be quiet. He played Cheney, who's a laconic guy, and that's almost impossible for Richard. So now he's overcompensating." Josh Brolin on Richard Dreyfuss calling Oliver Stone a "Fascist" [MTV]

"There's a message in my ravioli. There's a Bolognese going on." Robert Davi on The Dukes being more than just a heist movie [LAT]

"On a Monday, when we're two days away from airing, and we only have half a show, we're like, But how does he get there? … Crab People! That means we have no ideas left." Trey Parker on what the crab people represent on South Park [Hero Complex/LAT]