Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne Laments the Plight of the Bathroom Attendant


To call Kurt Kuenne’s feature documentary Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (which opened in New York last week and opens in Los Angeles and Chicago this week) the most devastating film you’ll see this year might actually be an understatement. (You can read David Edelstein’s similarly overwhelmed take on it here.) So by featuring Kuenne’s 2004 short Rent-A-Person on the Picture Palace, we're both drawing attention to the remarkable feature, now in theaters (and also airing on MSNBC December 7), and showing another, very different side of director Kuenne, since Rent-A-Person, a business epic in miniature, is a hilarious musical pastiche about a young, lovesick men’s-room attendant who decides to become a visionary entrepreneur.

Part One:

Part Two: