Keith Urban Single Possibly Concerns Frenching Nicole Kidman


A well-crafted piece of pop confection that debuted in the top half of Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart this week, Keith Urban’s “Sweet Thing” typifies today’s country. Working for years as a kid performer in his native Australia and later as a session guitarist in Nashville, Urban can pluck a banjo and rock a pealing electric-guitar solo (check out his cover of the Stones' "Gimme Shelter" at Live 8 with Alicia Keys) with equal aplomb, and here he calls on both talents for a sunshine-y, “do-do-do”-laden tune whose only hint of darkness comes with mention of a night with a full moon when he's “kissin' on the porch swing.” With a new baby, a beautiful wife (Nicole Kidman), and what should be — if this song is any indication — a killer pop-country record on the way, what's Urban got to cry into his beer about?

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