Leaked: Kanye’s Auto-Tune Album Beats Our Expectations


Kanye West, 808s & Heartbreak

Official Release Date: November 24

The Verdict: We can't specifically recall anyone ever asking for an album of Kanye-sung, Auto-Tuned R&B songs about some model who ditched him, but now that 808s & Heartbreak is actually here (it leaked in full this morning), we have to admit, it's not (technically) the worst thing we've ever heard. Lead single "Love Lockdown" is still the best track — even if it doesn't quite match the awesome, ridiculous power of R. Kelly's remix — but "Say You Will," "Amazing," and "Paranoid" really aren't bad either ("Robocop" is, though!). Remember, though, the album isn't in stores until Monday, and stealing other people's intellectual property is wrong.