Matthew Weiner Not As Smart As Everybody Thinks, Claims Matthew Weiner


Mad Men genius Matthew Weiner has plenty to celebrate these days — his Emmy-winning TV show, the upcoming Bryan Batt reimagining of Les Misérables, etc. — but what he's really excited about is politics: "It's been a great year, not just for the show but the election," he told us at the GQ Men of the Year party in Los Angeles last night (at which Jon Hamm was an honoree). "We finally don’t have to be so upset. We finally have someone who cares about children! Bush doesn’t even care about children, which most human beings do." Still, "it shouldn't have been that close," he said, quoting Don Draper after Kennedy beat Nixon. But when we teased him about being prescient, he stopped us. "You know everyone thinks I’m so smart, but I have a story for you — last year I start talking about the election and writing [references to it] into the show because it’s an election year and finally someone says to me, 'The election’s next year.' So I’m not that smart after all."