Blood, Guts and Vikings: Exclusive Excerpt From Brian Wood’s Comic ‘Northlanders’

If your understanding of Vikings, like ours, is limited to the fact that they really love Spam, it's time to check out Brian Wood and Davide Gianfelice's epic Northlanders, a sword-and-snow comic full of blood, bone-crunching, and hot Nordic sex. As addictive as HBO's Rome — if a good bit more chilly — Northlanders tells the story of Sven, the long-disappeared son of a local king who returns to the Orkney Islands in A.D. 980, set on reclaiming his inheritance. Soon, though, he's drawn into a war — and becomes an uneasy ally to a mysterious warrior woman hidden in the mountains.

Thoroughly researched by Wood (DMZ) and totally entertaining, Northlanders: Sven the Returned is out this month from Vertigo.