Paul Rudd Dispenses With the Formalities

Photo: Getty Images

"It's okay, you can call him McLovin, everybody else does." —Paul Rudd, cutting off an interviewer who was about to refer to his Role Models co-star as "Christopher Mintz-Plasse" [The A.V. Club]

"But I feel like right now I'm still kind of young and my voice is whiny." McLovin on why he's sticking to comedy for a while [LAT]

"I know it's obvious to say Sarah Palin, but, you know, Sarah Palin." —SNL head writer Seth Meyers on who he'll miss most now that the election is over [Politico]

"Bawdy jokes are okay, if they're really good." Justice Antonin Scalia on television indecency [WaPo]

"Reality is not for me. I don't think I'm that interesting. I need to play someone else." Brandy [MTV]