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Rosie Perez, Craig Ferguson, and Arsenio Hall to Play Crayons

We Colored This City: The most famous people starring in any of today's announced projects are Rosie Perez, Craig Ferguson and Arsenio Hall, who've just joined the all C-list cast of The Hero of Color City, a CG-animated feature about a group of crayons fighting to save their city. Exodus Films (Igor) will produce and has already partnered with Simon & Schuster to publish a series of kids' books around the film. [Variety]

Pitt's Dreams: Paramount is set to tell the story of Linda Trest, a Missouri reporter who helped uncover a con man impersonating a cop. An unemployed trucker, Bill Jakob, was helping cops make drug busts in a meth-addled Missouri town when Trest outed him as the con man he was. Brad Pitt's Plan B is producing in a clear sign that Pitt is still kicking himself every day for devoting his life to a frivolous profession like movie stardom, instead of a more noble one like journalism. [HR]

A Blast: The Discovery Channel has given the green light to a thirteen-episode series that spotlights demolition blasts around the world and explains the science behind them. The Detonators will focus on two experts who introduce viewers to the blasters behind the demos and give a behind-the-scenes look. Things to be blown up include urban skyscrapers, massive steel bridges, giant stadiums and your head. [Erin Brockovich–style movie," only with considerably less cleavage, presumably. [HR]

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