Vulture’s Guide to Paranormal Paramours


The Twilight craze is just the most obvious example of a much larger supernatural phenomenon: Amazon currently lists 1,886 titles in the “paranormal romance” genre, from Night Falls Darkly to Shadows in the Darkness to Dark Desires After Dusk to The Darkest Kiss to … The Darkest Kiss. Many are about hot vampires like Twilight’s Edward; others are about hot werewolves, hot horse-shifters, hot gods, or hot humans who have been injected with superpowered lion DNA. As you can see in our supernaturally sexy slideshow of inhuman Lotharios, the cover art is typically a variation on three themes: beefcake men illuminated by the light of the moon; beefcake men decorated with leather, jewelry, and/or tattoos; and beefcake men superimposed upon images of wild animals. Pay close attention: One cover even hits the unholy trifecta. Grab your wooden stake and plunge right in!