‘Star Trek’ Trailer: J.J. Abrams Sets His Phaser to ‘Blasphemy’


Tagline: "The wait is over."

Translation: Finally, a Star Trek movie that won't bore you to tears!

The Verdict: Until now, we're not sure who's really been anticipating J.J. Abrams's upcoming Star Trek reboot. Most people stopped paying attention to ST a long time ago, and the die-hard fans seem to just be worried that his prequel story — which follows the original crew through their days at the Top Gun–esque Starfleet Academy — will sex things up more than is proper. The good news (at least for anyone without a conversational fluency in Klingon) is that the Trekkies were probably right to worry. Instead of Shatner, Nimoy, and McCoy sitting around on the bridge and debating the finer points of the Prime Directive, Abrams gives us an ensemble cast of young stars sweating through car chases, dogfights, and sex scenes. Zachary Quinto even does a Vulcan mind meld with his Heroes character to make the stodgy Spock into a bit of a badass. There's still a chance that this movie might end up being the canonical Book of Genesis that every hard-core Trek fan has been dreaming of, but this mostly heretical trailer has us more excited than we thought we'd ever be for a Star Trek movie.