The Makers of ‘Fanboys’ Subtly Remind You That Their Movie Still Hasn’t Been Released Yet


Tagline: "It may be crazy. It may be dangerous. But if you make the right connections, the possibilities are endless."

Translation: Fanboys? Didn't this movie come out like three years ago? No?

The Verdict: Due to a nerd-friendly premise (a bunch of dudes set out to steal a print of Episode I from George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch on the eve of its premiere) and more delays than your average rap album (its release date recently got pushed back again to next February), Fanboys already has a decent-size Internet following for a movie that almost nobody's seen yet. It's also got Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell, the dude from Balls of Fury, and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Star Wars jokes (light sabers, hyperspace, and deadly trash compactors all get shout-outs in this new trailer). This looks charming enough, but we're not sure it'll be easy to root for this motley crew since we already know what's awaiting them is, you know, The Phantom Menace.

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