Pixar’s ‘Up’ Trailer: Wow!


Tagline: "This summer, Disney-Pixar will take you on their next great adventure."

Translation: This winter, you may very well die from anticipation.

The Verdict: Is there any possible chance that this won't be next year's best movie? No! Like Wall-E and Ratatouille before it, Up stars another classic, unlikely Pixarian protagonist — an old, grumpy coot voiced by Ed Asner. In the film, Carl Frederickson makes good on his deceased wife's dream to explore the jungle, which he accomplishes, naturally, by tying a few thousand balloons to his house and flying away. The visuals are so gorgeous it makes you wonder which idea came first: the one for the plot or the one for that amazing shot of the balloons passing by the little girl's window. Anyway, this doesn't come out until May 29, which means we should probably wait until at least March to kick-start our Best Picture campaign.