‘Watchmen’ Trailer: Rorschach Speaks!


The second official trailer for Watchmen hit the Internet last night with all the force of a giant, exploding, multidimensional squid, and — pardon us for joining the chorus — motherfucking wow! We already knew that Zack Snyder's movie would look like the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's comic, but here we get our first-ever feel for what the film's performances might be like. Jackie Earle Haley does his best Batman voice as Rorschach, Patrick Wilson seems appropriately snivelly as Dan Dreiberg, and Doctor Manhattan is pretty much just a blue Billy Crudup (as we always hoped he would be). We're not yet sold on Malin Ackerman's Laurie Juspeczyk (is she reading off cue cards?) or Matthew Goode's Ozymandias (was he supposed to sound like Pete from Mad Men?), but by the time this thing comes out in March, we'll probably be too excited to notice, even if they are terrible. Click to see the trailer!