Week in Review: Sexiest Blog Posts Alive


This week People magazine honored cattle-whip expert Hugh Jackman by naming him the Sexiest Man Alive, basically killing his Oscar chances. What else was superlatively sexy this week? We look back:

Sexiest movie that improved on already-sexy source material: Twilight

Sexiest album that took thirteen years to make: Chinese Democracy

Sexiest target of Gene Siskel's insult humor: Roger Ebert

Sexiest Broadway closing: American Buffalo

Sexiest vampire-erotica slideshow: this one

Sexiest upcoming United Artists film about a one-eyed Nazi: Valkyrie

Sexiest bad singers: rappers

Sexiest Twilight star afraid of being stabbed by fans: Robert Pattinson

Sexiest up-and-coming monsters: werewolves

Sexiest editorial plan: Vulture's

Sexiest up-and-coming monsters: werewolves

Sexiest televised discussion of cat pee: Ben Silverman's

Sexiest 2008 National Book Award winner for fiction: Peter Matthiessen

Sexiest crotch: Paul Rudd's

Sexiest layoffs: Days of Our Lives'