Will Sumner Redstone Be Felled by Crappy Video Games?


Few would dispute the fact that video games will continue to be massively successful forever, while movie studios, TV networks, publishing houses, and theater companies will all likely be out of business by year's end — everyone knows this. But will a bad bet on a video-game maker be ironically responsible for the downfall of Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone? Maybe! In yesterday's "Sunday Business," Tim Arango reports that Redstone's wacky decision to sink "$500 million to $700 million" over the past 25 years into Midway Games, the floundering games maker that hasn't had a hit since Mortal Kombat (and hasn't turned a profit since the second quarter of 2000), is forcing him to keep the company alive with huge loans (like the $90 million he's given them just this year). Midway's big fall release is Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, which actually looks sort of awesome, but, come on — really?

The Struggles of a Game Maker Bog Down Viacom [NYT]