A Post for the 13-Year-Old Twilight Fan in All of Us


While Twilight mania has ebbed ever so slightly at the box office (it racked up $13 mil of its $140 million domestic cume this weekend), there's no denying that the cultural impact of the film continues to grow. And we here at Vulture are certainly cognizant of this. So, as a means to help quench your inestimable thirst for all things Bella and Edward, we present you with two quickie Twilight-related Web distractions. The first comes from someecards.com, who offer up a triumvirate of wryly sardonic tributes to the source material (as seen above). The second is the soon-to-be viral "Twilight: The Puppet Saga," which we first noticed in one of our frequent visits to /Film. The three-minute opus isn't quite up to par with Jason Segel's puppet opera Dracula's Lament from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but we're pretty sure the legions of Twilighters (and possibly even Jim Henson fans) will approve. Heck, they even managed to nail the sparkly skin effect!