And I Speak to You Like the Chorus to the Verse


Little did Vulture know that when we wrote a toss-off line about Third Eye Blind in a post about KCRW's exiting music director Nic Harcourt last month (!) that it would turn into the hottest conversation topic on the site today (well, second hottest). While we're not entirely sure how the disciples of Stephen Jenkins found the post in question (fingers crossed that his ex Charlize Theron is somehow involved), we thought it would be the righteous thing to do to point all 3EB fans in the direction of this expanding discussion. After all, it's not every day (or even every decade) that people openly discuss the merits/drawbacks of the creators of one of the late nineties' most subversively catchy singles, is it? (Just for the record, our favorite Third Eye Blind moment came when the band appeared on an episode of Real World: Seattle Road Rules and challenged the dysfunctional cast to make a video for their paean to teenage suicide, "Jumper." Art!)

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